New Orleans Homeowners Insurance is not always about the cheapest price

New Orleans Homeowners Insurance is not always about the cheapest price.


If you were to get 5 New Orleans homeowners insurance quotes from 5 different agents

and all from the same insurance company,

you could get back 5 different insurance rates.


You have heard apples to apples comparison before

but with Homeowners Insurance it is about the endorsements.

Before you even begin to compare the quote you received,

make sure you received a HO-3 Homeowners Quote proposal.

Some insurance agents are sending out owner occupied rental dwelling quotes to lower the premium to get the business.

You don’t want an owner occupied rental dwelling quote DWG-3.


Here are a few of the coverages you will lose

  • No water back up coverage
  • No replacement cost on your contents
  • No coverage for theft on your contents

So throw away the owner occupied rental dwelling quotes DWG-3

and compare your HO-3 homeowners quote proposals.


Here are some options available to you to lower your quoted premium


1.  Take a 2500 all other perils deductible

A homeowners policy is not a maintenance or home warranty policy.

As a home owner you need to absorb any claim under 2500.

If you make a claim within the initial three years of the policy,  you could be canceled

and you would have a claim on your claim report that may make it either difficult to get another policy or cause a surcharge on your new quote.


2.  Adjust your contents to the actual amount you own.

If your house were destroyed by a fire, would $50,000 be enough to replace

your contents or personal property?

Most homeowners companies automatically give you 50% of the Coverage A insured value amount so if you insure your house for

200,000 Coverage A

You would get 100,000 of contents coverage.

If there is a fire and you can only prove you had $42,000 of property inside,

you are not getting a check for $100,000.


What’s this all about?

Don’t just assume the cheapest quote you receive is the best home insurance option for you.

You can get an affordable home insurance premium without losing valuable coverages by just making a few simple changes.

Endorsements and changes to a policy are a good way to get a premium that works for you

as long as you understand what you are buying and what you are losing.

My name is Tim D’Angelo and I would love the opportunity to talk to you about

Homeowners insurance.

Call me now at 504.348.3131

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Do not assume your jewelry is covered under your homeowners insurance policy.


Hand In Black Glove Opening Casket With Jewelry

We help many Greater New Orleans residents with their homeowners coverage and we always like to have a conversation about their jewelry.


Most customers just assume all of their jewelry is covered for any type of loss.

Unfortunately it is not.

Most of the home insurance companies writing new policies in Louisiana have a minimum sublimit of coverage for jewelry and most policies do not cover for “mysterious disappearance”

“Mysterious Disappearance”?

That is usually can’t remember where you put your diamond ring.

Lost or Mysterious Disappearance is not covered under a standard homeowners policy unless endorsed,  but most companies don’t offer it.


What can you do?

You have two options.

1.  You can schedule all jewelry on your homeowners policy and submit an appraisal.

2.  Purchase a stand alone jewelry policy.


We often advise our customers of Jewelers Mutual.

Due the low minimum premiums and basically “all risk” coverage policy form,  

I believe it is a better option than making a claim on your homeowners policy.

I would reserve homeowners claims for large losses such as a hurricane or a fire.

Jewelers Mutual has an online quick quote indication and the only requirement is you need to provide an appraisal.


A sample quote for some personal jewelry items

$5500 Rolex Watch

$7500 Diamond Ring

The annual premium is $156 with a “0” Zero Deductible.


and Jewelers Mutual will provide the most important coverage you need

“Lost or Mysterious Disappearance”

From their website

“Standard homeowners and renters insurance policies may impose limits on the value of personal jewelry they cover, and these values may be significantly less than the amount required to replace the jewelry. In the unfortunate event of a loss, they may send you to a jewelry repair company of their choice. With Perfect Circle® Jewelry Insurance coverage from Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, you have the flexibility to work with your preferred jeweler for any repair or replacement of your items. In addition, standard homeowners and renters insurance policies may not offer coverage such as mysterious disappearance, which is included in our personal jewelry insurance policy”


What’s this all about?

Do not just assume all of your personal items are covered.  

Most policies may only allow a sublimit of $2500 for theft of any one item.

Would that be enough?

For less than a few hundred dollars a year,  you should consider a stand alone jewelry policy to cover your most valuable items.

If you want to get a quick indication on their website,  

click the link below




Home Insurance Buying Guide for Greater New Orleans Westbank (costs/reviews/ratings)

Home Insurance Buying Guide for Greater New Orleans Westbank (costs/reviews/ratings)


Home For Sale Sign & New House On Star-Burst Yellow Background



There was a time when residents of the Westbank had no options but the Louisiana Citizens Fair Plan for Home Insurance.

Times have changed but if we have another hail storm like in 2012 or back to back hurricanes like Katrina and Rita,  we could return quickly to the state Citizens Fair Plan as our only option.


So who is writing new homeowners policies in the Westbank?

Here are only a few companies that are writing new policies.

  • Access Home Insurance
  • Americas
  • Capitol Preferred
  • Centauri Specialty
  • Citizens Fair Plan
  • Family Security
  • Federated National
  • Geovera Specialty
  • Lighthouse
  • North Light Specialty
  • Scottsdale Insurance
  • Southern Fidelity


How much does Home Insurance Cost on the Westbank?

We can use some basic home criteria and we can develop some home quote indications.

The Greater New Orleans Westbank includes Algiers, Avondale, Belle Chasse, Bridge City, Gretna, Harvey, Marrero, Terrytown,  Westwego.

Let’s look at each area using the same house features.

  • House built 1990
  • Brick
  • Hip Roof
  • One story
  • 1800 square feet
  • average credit tier
  • $180,000 replacement cost value
  • 2% Hurricane Deductible
  • Monitored Central Burglar and Fire Alarm
  • 2500 All other perils deductible (damages not the result of a hurricane)

Here are some sample quote indications

Algiers $2,862

Avondale $2,345

Belle Chasse $2,526

Bridge City $2,268

Gretna $2,356

Harvey $2,421

Marrero $2,230

Terrytown $2,465

Westwego $2,305


So the average range of homeowners insurance premium is $2,200-$2500 for the example above.


Could you pay less?



Why are the  quotes different from Avondale to Marrero if its the same house?

Insurance underwriters could adjust rates by zip code, neighborhood or even by street.

There are multiple rating factors that go into a quote that are, but not limited to

  • credit score
  • brick or frame construction
  • year built
  • hip or gable shaped roof  (roof shapes pic below)
  • square footage determines insured value
  • age of insured (over 55 is often used as  a “mature homeowner credit”)
  • single or married (credit for being married)
  • year of plumbing, roof, electrical, a/c heating updates


roof types


If you are buying a new house in the Greater New Orleans Westbank and need a quote to determine the annual home insurance quote premium you are going to pay,

give me a call now 504.348.3131

My Tim D’Angelo and I am the owner of FM Agency Group and

I would love to talk to you about your new home purchase.

If you want to send me some info on a house you are considering purchasing,

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What is a 2% hurricane deductible?

What is a 2% hurricane deductible?

by Tim D’Angelo

2 percent hurricane deductible


So you are calling around and getting home insurance quotes and the agent is explaining the coverage and you are not sure of the deductible amount except it is a percentage of something.

Percentage of what?

Here are some types of deductibles offered in South Louisiana

2%, 3% or 5% hurricane deductible

2%, 3% or 5% named storm deductible

2%, 3% or 5% wind/hail deductible

Let’s assume you have a quote for 250,000 dwelling amount on the proposal.

The home quote includes a 2% Hurricane deductible.

The Hurricane deductible is 2% of 250,000.

If you have to make a claim for damage as a result of a hurricane, your deductible will be $5,000.

The insurance company will deduct $5,000 from your home insurance claim estimate.


What is the difference between a hurricane, named storm and a wind/hail deductible?



-will only be applied if the damage is the result of a hurricane (tropical storms do not apply)

If you have a 3% Hurricane Deductible but a $1000 all other perils deductible and a tree falls on your

house from a Tropical Storm,  the insurance company would only deduct $1000 from the claim check.

The Hurricane deductible would not apply.



This deductible applies to all storms with a name including Tropical storms and Hurricanes.



This one applies to all claims involving wind or hail.

It doesn’t matter if its a windy day, tropical storm or a hurricane.

If you make a claim for a wind or hail event,  it is subject to a higher deductible.

If you have a 3% wind/hail deductible on a 250,000 house and a tree falls on your roof on a windy day,  

the insurance company will deduct $7500 from your claim check.

Here is the math

3% deductible on a 250,000 house

.003 x 250,000 = 7500


What’s this all about?

Check your policy to determine not only the percentage % of your deductible but the type.

Does your neighbor have a tree that could fall on your house?

If you think your neighbor’s home insurance policy will pay the damage to your house,  you are more than likely wrong.

If you have a high wind/hail or a named storm deductible and would like a low hurricane deductible,


My name is Tim D’Angelo and I would love to talk to you about homeowner insurance to see what FM Agency Group can do for you.

Call me now 504.348.3131


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Centauri Specialty tested from Hurricane Iselle

Centauri Specialty tested from Tropical Storm Iselle

centaur specialty insurance company



Hurricane Iselle was the strongest tropical cyclone to hit the Big Island of Hawaii in recorded history on August 7th 2014.

The tropical storm caused flooding, property damage, torrential rainfall and caused broad power outages and downed trees.

President/CEO of Centauri Specialty, Ricardo A. Espino, issued this statement in a letter to agents 

“August brought another arrival—Hurricane Iselle, the strongest recorded storm to make landfall on the Big Island of Hawaii. While the hurricane weakened to a tropical storm shortly before landfall, it still led to substantial flooding and wind damages. This presented the opportunity for us to implement our catastrophe response plan into action. We believe that it is better to act than react; on the weekend the storm hit, we deployed team members to Hawaii to survey the affected areas in order to ensure that our resources were deployed effectively. This helped us to react very quickly to the policyholders who needed us, and demonstrated the effectiveness of the drills and preparations we conduct to guarantee our readiness for the rare event when a significant storm does strike the islands.
While we are proud of our response to Iselle, we won’t rest on our laurels. As the Atlantic and Pacific hurricane seasons both extend through the end of November, we will remain vigilant and ready to respond to any event that presents itself. Our company’s bedrock of financial stability and conservative reinsurance planning continues to be augmented by our prudent growth, with our policies in force in the Gulf states increasing by more than 30% year to date. Thank you for your partnership in achieving our successes—I look forward to shared rewards resulting from our hard work in the remainder of the year!”

Centauri Specialty is growing into a multi-state insurance company.

Their products are expanding beyond just homeowners insurance.

In the fourth quarter of 2014 Centauri Specialty plans to

“expand into Florida in the fourth quarter of 2014 with several new products, including a Homeowners program (HO3, HO4 and HO6), Businessowners (BOP) and Commercial Residential Program.

Having a proven track record in the state of Florida in both personal and commercial lines, Centauri is excited to be partnering with agents and protecting policyholders in our home state.
The BOP program will launch in the fourth quarter of 2014 and offer comprehensive property and liability coverage for office and retail classes of business.

Centauri’s Commercial Residential Program will launch early 2015 and offer coverage for condo associations, apartments and homeowners associations, with capacity throughout the state.”

FM Agency Group is proud to be a CP Centauri Preferred Agency.

Here are some of the top Insurance agencies by state for Centauri Specialty

Top 5 Agents By State

1. First Baldwin Insurance
2. The Myrick Agency
3. The Griffin Agency
4. Malone Insurance Agency
5. Millsaps & Associates, Inc.

1. Geico Insurance Agency HI
2. Jerry Hay, Inc.
3. Insurance Associates
4. AFFW Helmsman Agency
5. DR Horton Insurance Agency

1. FM Agency Group
2. Riverlands Insurance
3. CADA Insurance Services
4. Amstate Insurance Agency
5. Bourg Insurance Agency

1. Bishop Insurance Agency
2. Lemon Mohler Insurance Agency
3. SouthGroup Insurance
4. Mattina Insurance Agency
5. Rogers Insurance


If you are interested in a Homeowners Quote with Centauri Specialty in Louisiana,  

Give me a call at 504.348.3131

My name is Tim D’Angelo and I am the owner of FM Agency Group

and I would love to talk to you about Home Insurance

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How much does Algiers, Louisiana Home Insurance Cost?

How much does Algiers, Louisiana Home Insurance Cost?


When we get calls from prospective home insurance clients in Algiers the most common question is how much does home insurance cost?

Of course depending on numerous underwriting features,  it depends.

I can give you a basic idea of how much you can pay using one company that is very competitive in the area.

If we take the house pictured above and determine the replacement cost at $200,000,

we could determine a quote proposal that could give you a premium range.

So if we use a

  • 2500 all other perils deductible
  • 2% hurricane deductible
  • Monitored burglar and Fire alarm
  • Owner of house over 55 years old (mature owner discount)
  • Companion policy discount  (1 other policy with our agency..flood, auto, rental dwelling)

The initial premium is $3,000

Anything I can do to get the quote lower?

There are always customizable options available to you.

One of the basic principles of insurance is the Transfer of Risk.

Transfer of Risk?

When we are talking about homeowners insurance,  you can make the determination of how much risk you want to take on and how much you want to transfer to the insurance company.

How do I do that?

You have two options.

  1. Take a higher deductible
  2. Remove replacement cost on your contents only

1. Take a Higher Deductible

When you take a higher deductible you are transferring more of the risk to you.

This results in a reduction in premium.

When you take a lower deductible,  you transfer more of the risk to the insurance company.

The insurance company charges you a higher premium.

So less deduction on claim check (low deductible) more you pay in premium

More deducted from claim check (high deductible) less you pay in premium

2.  Remove Replacement Cost on Contents Only

This is not an option we recommend,  but it is available to you.

If you own newer personal property items in your house and you are not one to make claims,  

you can receive a deep discount on your premium.

You first need to understand your contents or personal property would be subject to depreciation.

What is depreciation?

Depreciation is Replacement Cost minus the age of your property

So if you have a 5 year old sofa you bought from Let’s Do Furniture for $2500

The company would depreciate your sofa because it is 5 years old.

So maybe you receive $1500 instead of $2500 to replace your damaged sofa.

Well that’s not fair.

Maybe, but you elected to save over $500 of year in a premium reduction.

So calculate the amount of years you saved $500 from the purchase of the policy and the date you made the claim.

Would it be more than




So what if I removed Replacement Cost on contents for the above home insurance quote proposal?

Revised Annual Premium $2,313

Annual Savings $687


What’s this all about?

Determining your level of risk transfer, can determine the amount of your annual savings.

If you are ready to receive an Algiers Homeowners Quote Proposal, 

My name is Tim D’Angelo and I would love the opportunity to talk to you about Algiers Home Insurance.

Call me at 504.348.3131

or complete the form below and I will get with you.


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Are you ready for Home Automation?

Are you ready for Home Automation?


Holding a smart energy controller or remote home control online


The days of security monitoring your home using the “house phone” may be behind us.

The cost of technology has made a considerable drop so making your home automated is now affordable.

Your Alarm monitoring system should no longer be monitored over a phone landline or an internet connection.

With cellular monitoring, there are no phones lines that can be cut before entering your house.

What can you do from your cellphone or tablet?

  • Arm and disarm your alarm system
  • Turn on lights inside or outside your home
  • View a video feed to see who is at your door
  • Control your thermostat
  • Lock or unlock your front door
  • Receive text alerts if a door opens

You have complete control over anything you want inside your house.

One of my favorite features is if you have a teenage daughter or son.

Each resident can receive their own alarm code.

So you can give your teenage daughter her own alarm code.

You can monitor when your daughter arms or disarms the system.

So you can monitor when she enters and exits the house.

When you are on vacation,  you can receive a text when she leaves and when she gets home.

The options are limitless on the amount of control or monitoring you can do within your home.

How much does it cost?

The basic alarm system with the smart monitoring keypad is $149.

If you want to add any smart features, its plug n play and you can control what you want to monitor.

Want to control your thermostat?

Purchase the smart thermostat for $150

Want to monitor your front door?

Add a smart lock for $270

How do I get out of my existing contract?

Most alarm monitoring companies will sign you up for 3 years.

If you are getting close to the end of your contract,  you can move to a more affordable and advanced system for less money.

How much is the monthly monitoring?

Are you paying $50 a month for monitoring now?

The system is $29/month.

And add $3/mo for each monitoring device such as the 

  • thermostat
  • ceiling fan
  • automated front door lock
  • front porch light
  • smoke detector

If you are interested in Home Automation or just a more affordable cellular monitoring security system

Give Brian Hernandez a call 504.813.8030

ASG alarm security


And don’t forget you get a Monitored Alarm credit for Fire and Burglar on your Homeowners Insurance 

It’s raining lawsuits in Louisiana. Do you have an umbrella?

It’s raining lawsuits in Louisiana. Do you have an umbrella?

by Tim D’Angelo

row of House auto perosn umbrella

When we meet with a home insurance customer,  we review their auto insurance and current homeowners insurance policies and over 90% of home owners have the minimum Liability insurance limit to protect their assets.

You worked so hard to buy a house,  a few cars,  maybe even a boat. 

Why leave your assets at risk to an Orleans or Jefferson parish judge to take away?

Accidents do happen.

“Something that could never happen in a million years,  only takes a second”

Types of claims that can exceed your basic liability policy limit?

Bump the wrong person in the fast food drive thru lane and you own their existing injuries.

Judges in our area do not care about low impact collisions.

Property damage does not determine severity of injury.

The billboard attorney sends the other driver to the chiropractor for 6 months,  orders an MRI and now they have a herniated disc.

But you only have 15,000 limit on your auto policy and you own a house.

It goes to court and a judge hands down a $75,000 judgement.

Your policy pays the $15,000 and now you owe $60,000 out of your pocket.

Myth #1  I don’t have 1,000,000 in assets so why do I need 1,000,000 in coverage?

If you are sued and there is a judgement,  its not only what you have now, but it will follow your future earnings, investments, retirement fund and can even garnish your wages to satisfy the judgement.

What if you are involved in a serious accident and you are at fault?

What if someone falls down at your house during a Saints game bbq?

These claims can escalate and your assets are now on the table to make good on the claim if you have low liability limits.

Ok.  What is an Umbrella?

It is an additional liability policy that provides asset protection from 1,000,000-5,000,000 of coverage on top of your existing auto, home, boat and rental properties underlying liability policy.

So if you have 300,000 liability on your house,  you would get an additional 1,000,000 of liability protection in case of a claim, lawsuit or just the cost to defend a frivilous claim against you.

Myth #2  The cost of 1,000,000 of extra liability with an Umbrella must be expensive.

No.  Annual premiums begin at $200

How do I know if I need an Umbrella policy?

Do some simple math.

Add up your 

  • bank account
  • investment accounts
  • home equity value
  • estimated future earnings
  • car, boat or rental property values

Do these add up to more than your current auto insurance limit?

What about your homeowners insurance liability limit?

More than likely your liability limits are way too low.

Maybe you purchased your auto and home policies when you were at a different financial position in your life.

Have things changed?

What’s this all about?

An Umbrella allows you the comfort to rest easy knowing you are protected from billboard attorneys,  claimant friendly jury of your peers or just a judge that is trying to take care of the people who voted him in.

If you feel your assets are exposed and you don’t have enough liability protection

or no insurance agent ever recommended you get more protection

My name is Tim D’Angelo

I am the owner of FM Agency Group

and I would love to review your current insurance policies and make some recommendations


So Let’s Get Started protecting what you value most



Breakin’ down Homeowners Insurance coverage part 1

Breakin’ down Homeowners Insurance coverage part 1

by Tim D’Angelo

breaking down home insurance


We often get calls from homeowners asking about getting a more competitive premium on their home insurance with a lower a deductible.

When we are able to review their current coverage,  we sometimes find they don’t even have a homeowners insurance policy.

We discover they have a rental dwelling policy endorsed to owner-occupied.

So what?

When you buy a dwelling policy instead of a homeowners policy,




1.  No coverage for Theft on your contents

The policy indicates no coverage for theft on your contents.  

Although your agent gave you contents coverage,  if there is a break in or something walks away,  you have no coverage.

2.  Actual Cash Value settlement on Contents Coverage

If you have to make a claim for damage to your contents in the house,  you will not receive Replacement Cost.

The company will take depreciation off of your property.

So if you have a 5 year old sofa you purchased for $2500, you are not going to receive $2500 or the cost to replace at today’s price to buy another one.

3.  Water Back Up Coverage

Water Back Up covers toilets, drains, discharges and sump pumps or any place where excess water can “backup” into your house.  (this is not rising water from the street…that is a flood claim)

A possible claim is after a hard rain for some unknown reason the water is being pushed out of the toilet onto your bathroom floor.

You make the claim and discover this is not covered under your Dwelling Policy.  

Most homeowners insurance policies don’t cover this either unless the policy is endorsed.

What’s this all about?

Take a look at your current homeowners declarations page and see if you can find

HO-3 Special Form  (replacement cost homeowners policy)

DWG-1 or DWG-3 (rental dwelling policy that may be endorsed as owner-occupied)

You don’t want to be caught with a future claim denial because you thought you purchased a homeowners insurance policy

My name it Tim D’Angelo

I am the owner of FM Agency Group

I would love the opportunity to talk to you about home insurance.

Give me a call now 504.348.3131

or complete this form now



Top 10 Restaurants on the Greater New Orleans Westbank

Top 10 Restaurants on the Greater New Orleans Westbank

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Opened in 1974,  they claim to be the oldest family owned Chinese Restaurant on the Westbank. The signature dish is Softshell crab with crawfish sauce. The wonton soup is still one of the best in the city and the egg rolls are filled with shrimp.  

1025 Westbank Expressway Gretna 504.366.7071


The Westbank has more than a few Vietnamese restaurants worthy of this list,  but this is one of my favorites.  Located in the parking lot of the old Westside Lanes bowling alley. A great lunch place to get a hot bowl of Pho.

113 Westbank Expressway Gretna 504.368.9846


They are the “old” in old school steakhouse.  The place still reminds me of growing up in the late 70’s. The wood paneling is gone,  but we know its probably under the sheetrock. Good steaks and I enjoy the Red Snapper broiled with butter. Lunch or Dinner this place still serves it up old school.  

501 Gretna Blvd Gretna 504.366.3275


Long time restaurant that may have reached its height during the Oil Boom of the 80’s. Still a good place to get a steak and many seafood offerings as well. Good venue to have a nice dinner and some drinks.

1036 Lafayette Street Gretna 504.367.0935


Newcomer to Marrero, but the sushi ranks as the best on the WB. Large menu including a “special menu” of unique items you are not going to find on other sushi menus. My favorite is the Grilled Sushi Imperial. Very modern interior and I did see some Karoake rooms if you want to get some friends together,  sing some songs and eat some sushi.  

5033 Lapalco Blvd Marrero 504.875.4203


I really didn’t want to include a chain restaurant, but I didn’t want to say “don’t eat at chain restaurants” when I eat here every other week. The daily specials are excellent and there are so many choices that I just could not exclude this restaurant as a place to eat on the WB. Grilled Fish, Ribs, Chicken, Duck, Steak and Salads. I think the menu covers it all.  Can’t lose for lunch or dinner.

1121 Manhattan Blvd Harvey 504.361.8293


Located in a beautiful Acadian house in Crown Point just off the Lafitte highway. Bayou des Familles is a small waterway or canal home to alligators and turtles. Large windows open to the view of the waterway for diners. Large upstairs for private parties and a wooded bar for cocktails while you wait for a table. Lunch or Dinner with a heavily focused seafood menu with pasta and steaks as well.

7163 Barataria Blvd Crown Point 504.689.7834


Established in 1946 this place is the old school Italian restaurant on the Westbank. Located down Highway 90 towards Avondale in an old wood house home to some great classic Italian home cooked dishes. Shrimp Mosca and Oyster Mosca are some sure bets. I would call first before I go. They have been known to just close for a day or night or even a month.  

4137 US Highway 90 West Westwego 504.436.9942


Their red sauce is so good, they bottled it “Red Gravy” and its on sale in local grocery stores and at the restaurant. For over 30 years this family owned and operated restaurant has been serving Westbank residents good old home cooked Italian classics.  They do offer Brociolone. You are not going to find many restaurants with Brociolone on the menu in the Greater New Orleans area. My Italian grandmother made one of the best Brociolone but Tony Mandina’s serves up a great one here. Beef Rounds rolled into a loaf stuffed with bread crumbs, sliced eggs and parmesan and mozzarella cheese then braised in the “red gravy”.  It can get crowded for lunch and dinner so get there early.

1915 Pratt St Gretna 504.362.8513


The steakhouse on the Westbank. Not many places I know of where you can get a good Prime Rib or Bone in Ribeye on the WB. Great sides and more than a few grilled fish dishes. Last time I was there the roasted brussels sprouts were off the menu.  It reminded of my first experience to brussels sprouts. I was there one day and had never had brussels sprouts in my life or had any want or need to try them but the waiter brings them to the table in which I respond “I didn’t order those”.  He says “no problem just keep em”.  I have been eating roasted brussels sprouts ever since. Nothing like crunchy (not mushy like your momma’s) sprouts with salt, pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Don’t believe me?  Next time you bbq, cut them in half and mix and place them on some foil or just roast them in the oven but keep them crunchy.  Well maybe they put the sprouts back on the menu when you go.  If so, get them as a side to your prime rib or steak. The dining room is not very big so if you go for lunch or dinner get a reservation just in case.

2020 Belle Chasse Highway  Terrytown 504.391.7229

Now there is no need to cross the bridge on a Saturday night.

Hope you enjoy.

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