We create customized affordable homeowners insurance options for you.

We know the rate you received when you initially purchased your policy was competitive

but now its slowly going up every renewal.

What once was a competitive homeowners insurance premium is now no longer what you should be paying.




1. Dwelling Structure Coverage A

The amount it would cost you to rebuild your house if it were to be destroyed.  

You should insure your house for 100% replacement cost.

2.  Other Structures

Unattached structures on your property including your fence, shed or detached garage.

3.  Your Personal Property or Contents Coverage

The amount or value of the property you moved inside the house. 

Clothes, furniture, electronics, personal items.  

Take a quick look around your house and determine if you had to replace everything inside, how much do you need?  $50,000?  $75,000?

4.  Liability Coverage

Too often we see 100,000 of liability coverage.  It only costs up to $25 annual to get $300,000.

This is the coverage that defends you against any claim in which you are legally liable to another party for property damage or bodily injury.

5.  Additional Living Expenses or Loss of Use

As a result of a claim, you can no longer live in your house and have to move to another location. Could be a hotel stay or due to the severity of the claim, rent a house.


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